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Highest Quality Learning
Wonder Land Enrichment Center is dedicated to offering the highest quality learning and developmentally appropriate experience. while maintaining a nurturing. safe, and supportive environment, through discovery and enriched opportunities.

Our program includes creative play, art, music, language, literacy, math. science, computer application, and outdoor recreation. We also strive to have many special events such as guest speakers, career day, parent's day, cultural activities, community involvement, holiday celebrations. and much more.

We believe that:

  • Each child is a unique individual with their own talents and strengths.

  • It is essential to provide a developmentally sound learning program to enhance the child's cognitive, social, emotional. and physical growth.

  • The introduction of foreign languages and sign language us best achieved in early childhood. Each child is a unique individual with their own talents and strengths.

  • It is beneficial to provide opportunities to install social etiquette and character development.

  • We are dedicated to the care and wellbeing of the children with whom we are entrusted.

    Loving and Caring Family Atmosphere

    The entire staff and Wonder Land family is dedicated to providing a loving and caring family atmosphere that encourages open communication, friendship, and support to all those involved. We provide an enrichment program that incorporates the most recent curriculums and everyone at Wonder Land is committed to providing a quality program that caters to the needs of all our children. We provide a warm, secure, and nurturing environment for your child. We are committed to promoting opportunities and guidance that will enhance the well-being of your child.

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    We participate in the USDA Program and the DSS Program.

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